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Meet Dan Willaert: Wrestling Coach, Math Teacher

By Staff, 08/20/21, 9:30AM CDT


Our faculty are dedicated to our students! Many of them don't only teach - they also coach or advise clubs as well. 

To celebrate our coaches who also teach or are staff at CDH, we're sharing a Q&A with each of them over the next few months! Today, meet Dan Willaert, Wrestling coach and Math teacher.

Did you participate in the sport you coach as a student-athlete? 
Yes - I wrestled at Loyola High School in Mankato, MN and then at St. John's University for college.

What made you decide to coach? 
I always knew I wanted to be a coach. My dad was a coach, and I also had many other great coaches in my life who made a big impact on my development.

How long have you been coaching here at CDH?
11 years.

What do you love about coaching?
My favorite part about coaching is watching the development of student-athletes as they go through ups and downs over their years at CDH. It is amazing to see their growth from the beginning to the end!

How does your experience as a coach improve your teaching and vice versa?
I think that it just gives me another way to relate to students and know about what is going on in their lives. I also have to think about how to break down complicated tasks into simpler steps in both teaching and coaching. 

Do you have any favorite memories from your time coaching?
Too many favorites to list right here. The general theme would be when our whole team comes together to accomplish something or win a match when we weren't sure it was going to be possible, such as the first time our team made it to the section semifinals last season. 

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