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Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Ali Pendergrass, 651-329-8779
Varsity Assistant Coaches: 
Emiley Sandvik
, 507-254-4834
Sarah Rosicki
Nicole Prom
Emma Hubbard

Varsity Jazz Assistant Coach:  Allix Lowell '10

Middle School/JR Raider Coach: Anna Blake '10

The full Gallery is here:

CDH 2021-22 Dance Team

CDH 2021-22 Dance Team

Girls Basketball Shooting to New Heights

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Boys Basketball Knocking Off Ranked Teams

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Spring and Summer Opportunities

April: Spring Captain led dance sessions

Thursday's in April 5:00pm-6:00pm CDH Fitness Center

  ❏ Dancers of all skill levels 6th-12th grade

❏ Leadership team will lead sessions focused on jazz/kick skills


May: Spring Coach led dance sessions

T/TH 5:00pm-6:30pm ($50) CDH Fitness Center

  ❏ Dancers of all skill levels 6th-12th grade  
❏ Coaches will led technique/skill practices 

June 7th- July 29th Summer Dance Workshop (Cost $160.00)
M/W-5:00pm-7:00pm, T/Th 4:00pm-6:00pm CDH Fitness Center
● Register through the CDH Athletics website
❏ For 6th-12th graders, dancers of all skill levels
❏ Work on technique and skills in both high kick and jazz
❏ Learn different style dances, combinations, turns, leaps, etc.
❏ Learn and work on a summer dance, which will double as a fall dance
❏ Learn how to properly condition and strength train

July 11th - 14th Just For Kix Dance Camp, Brainerd MN
(Overnight dance camp in Brainerd, MN)

  ❏ Dancers of all skill levels 7th-12th grade  
❏ Great team bonding opportunity and getting to know teammates better
❏ Opportunity for both new and current dance team members to enhance their dance knowledge by watching and learning from other dancers from around the state
❏ Learn different styles of dance from new instructors that can give new light to skills and technique
❏ The camp offers individual team consultations that works with the team as a whole on areas they can improve
❏ FUN!

June or July: Larkin Private team Intensive
M-F TBD week in June or July Cost $180
❏ Dancers of all skill levels 6th-12th grade

Team Information

Winter Dance start is January 4th due to COVID-19 restrictions in the AUX Gym.  This is a two days per week informal session to help dancers improve on the dance team technique and strength and is open to dancers from 5th - 12th grade. This is especially helpful for girls prepping to tryout for the competitive dance team! The cost is $55. (Note this allows for professional ballet teacher and professional trainers to come into 5 of the practices throughout the winter session).

Here is the link to our team app page that we use for team communication:


Conference Competition

Congratulations to the Dance Team!  

The Varsity and JV Jazz teams each placed 4th and Varsity Kick placed 3rd in their first conference competition, December 3, 2018, at East Ridge. 

Summer Dance Opportunities

Section Championships


CDH Dance Interest Forms

Dance Team Forms

Dance Team Application (Coming Soon)