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Meet the Coaches

Head Coach: Ellen Schafer '10
Associate Head Coach: Dominique Thompson
Varsity Assistant: Nick Giles '03
JV Coach: Hannah Gibbemeyer '14
B-Squad Coach: Ronda Gowan '82
Grade 9 Purple: Joe Stinchfield
Grade 9 Purple:  Emma Anetipa '18
Grade 9 Gold: Natalie Morgan

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2018 Varsity Team

Raider Volleyball Handbook

Players will receive a hard copy of hand book after teams are made from coaches.  Coaches will go over hand book with all players.  Players and parents are asked to read it together and sign the contract at the end of the handbook. Please return the signed contract to your coach as soon as possible. Appendix papers are not found in online version.


Off-Season Training

Raider Edge Training

Junior Olympic Volleyball
Many CDH Volleyball Players play volleyball in the off-season through Junior Olympic Volleyball Programs. There are many programs to choose from. Please talk to your daughter's coach about the appropriate program for your daughter if you are interested.