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CDH Athletic Hall of Fame

Rich History and Traditions

The Cretin-Derham Hall Athletic Hall of Fame honors the rich history and traditions of Cretin, Derham Hall, and Cretin-Derham Hall!

The  CDH Athletic Hall of Fame creates an inclusive recognition process for student-athletes, teams, coaches, and those who have made significant contributions to the CDH athletic community in the proud traditions of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the Christian Brothers.

A goal of the CDH Athletic Hall of Fame is to improve the engagement with alumni athletes through the recognition of individual and team successes on the field, the court, the ice, etc. To this end, the Hall of Fame will include the induction of teams to recognize the importance of all team members and coaches when a team championship has been accomplished.

In addition, the Honorary Raider Award will be presented to an individual who was not an athlete at Cretin, Derham Hall, or CDH but has made significant contributions to Raider Athletics over a period of time.

Please note that the inclusive nature of the CDH Hall of Fame includes all past inductees from Cretin and Derham Hall. Bylaws for the Athletic Hall of Fame were constructed by Rob Bollinger, Mal Scanlan '61, and Phil Archer '99 using criteria from several comparable Hall of Fames, including the Cretin Athletic Hall of Fame and the Derham Hall Athletic Hall of Fame. The Selection Committee for the Athletic Hall of Fame includes Rob Bollinger, Vice President for Advancement, Matt Funk, Athletic Director, Tony Yazbeck, Associate Athletic Director and Activities Director and representatives from each of our three schools — Mal Scanlan '61 and Dan McQuillan '82 for Cretin High School; Theresa Lopez '85 for Derham Hall; and Tony Leseman '01 ,Natalie Roedler Bollinger '98 and Phil Archer '99 for Cretin-Derham Hall.

These outstanding Cretin-Derham Hall Raider athletes have been inducted into our Athletic Hall of Fame. They are organized by the year they were inducted.

Class of 2018

Matt Birk '94
Jenny Haigh '91 
Alyssa Karel Ylinen '07
Joe Mauer '01
Erin Sobaski '81 
Kate Townley '00
Bill Walsh '57
Chris Weinke'90
Bob Sweeney '77 (Honorary Raider Award)
1989 Baseball Team
1990 Baseball Team
1999 Girls Basketball Team

Class of 2022

Natalie Roedler Bollinger '98
Cathy Childs Clyde '85
Lauren Gibbemeyer '07
Jack Hannahan '98
Ryan Harris '03
Ray Hitchcock - Honorary Raider Award
Corbin Lacina '89
Courtney Norman '98
Mike Scanlan '70
1957, 1958, 1959, and 1960 Cretin Football Teams
1980-81 Derham Hall Gymnastics Team
1990-91 & 1992-93 Raider Boys Basketball Team
1991 Raider Girls Softball Team

Class of 2024

Nikki Conway '02
Michael Floyd '08
Julie Hamiel '93
Arvesta Kelly Sr. (Honorary Raider Award)
Katie Stephens-Magnuson '88
Jim O'Neill '74
Jeff Rosga '89
Dick Strutz '59
Tom Warner (Coach)
1965 Cretin Wrestling Team
1984 Derham Hall Basketball Team
1996 Raiders Baseball Team
1997 Raiders Baseball Team
1998 Raiders Baseball Team
1998 Raiders Girls Basketball Team