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State Meet for Lead Raiders

By Chris Babcock 11/07/2016, 3:00pm CST

Warm weather, hot competition, and opportunities every where

Raider Makes Good in Section 4AA

By Danny Docherty 11/04/2016, 8:45am CDT

Section 4AA Qualifier

By Chris Babcock 10/27/2016, 9:00am CDT

A lot of heart and a lot of patience

It's All in How You Run

By Chris Babcock 10/19/2016, 9:00am CDT

Charging out from the start, waiting in the wings for the right moment, or fast to the finish, how do you do 5K?

Suburban East Conference Championship Challenge

By Chris Babcock 10/19/2016, 8:00am CDT

When you toe the line you think you know where you are. When the gun goes off you prove it.

Raiders, Racing, Hand in Hand

By Sarah Lipinski 09/30/2016, 9:00am CDT

Community binds the Raiders together tighter than the mud under foot.

Running pursuit in the rain

Rum River Gold Rush

By Danny Docherty 09/20/2016, 12:00pm CDT

What do you get when you mix rain and gritty cross country runners?

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Displaying Results 11 - 20 of 26