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Why Cross Country

By Chris Babcock, 07/18/22, 10:45AM CDT


If you haven't been out for a high school sport, or have come to the end of the line in the sport you usually play, or would like to explore something new consider cross country.

This Fall consider joining the cross country team. In the past we have had up to 75 student-athletes on our team, both boys and girls. We all train together. Many athletes came from other sports - wrestling, swimming (boys), basketball, softball, baseball, and hockey, tennis (boys). Some came out after their careers in other sports ended.

Here is what cross country has to offer anyone who comes out. Everyone gets a chance to participate every day and at every race. Workouts are tailored to the athlete so that the most experienced runners and the newest runners are all getting an appropriate workout that will not only challenge them, but will help them to grow as an athlete and as a person. The team is a supportive community of individuals working for the same goal - to improve. Our main focus is maintaining a positive attitude even when faced with tasks that seem really challenging. Through the positive, and supportive nature of the team everyone has been able to make it to the end of practices, races, and the season.

If you found that last year you were not able to come out for a sport, and may feel like you don't want to go out for a sport you have done in the past, come out for cross country. Many of our runners start as 10th, 11th, and even 12th graders. There are no special skills to learn. You just have to run to race. If you are a team sport athlete, used to being part of a unit that moves together through practices, and games this is an opportunity to see what you can do as an individual. You will gain confidence in who you are as you explore your limits in a new way. You will be able to explore personal growth as well as physical growth as you learn to push yourself to do a little more.

The lessons that you learn in cross country can help you with the other things you do in your life by giving you another perspective on how you approach difficult situations, how you define what is success, and how you work to be successful.

Coach Chris Babcock (about the coach) will be coaching student-athletes starting 8:30 AM, Monday, August 16 from the Hamline Doors, south of the Hamline turn around. There is a parent/athlete informational meeting at 6:30 PM on Monday, July 26 in room B114. There are captain's practices being run from the monument (the end of Summit Ave, and the River Road near the University of St. Thomas) at 9:00 AM Wednesdays and Fridays. All are welcome. Contact captain Andy Chestovich ( or Chris Babcock ( for more information about the season, the team, or captain's practices.

I hope that you consider joining cross country this Fall.