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Raiders Malloy '22 Accepted to Prestigious Camp

By Staff, 02/05/20, 2:15PM CST


Norah Malloy '22 was admitted to Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. this summer.  Norah applied for a 7 day Science Camp which only selects 12-14 students from the U.S. and requires a high GPA and letters of recommendation.  The camp is funded by a grant from an aerospace company.  Norah has significant hearing loss and is a Freshman on our Junior Varsity Girl's Basketball Team.  Norah, is a tough as nails competitor who does not let her hearing loss hinder her play.  While it is extremely challenging for Norah from many different aspects she advocates for herself and let's her teammates and coaches  know what she needs and educates everyone in the process.  One of the most challenging aspects of the game for Norah is that she can not hear whistles and her inability to hear it is sometimes misinterpreted by officials and opposing teams because the sound of the whistle is a signal to stop.  The team is very helpful to Norah in making sure she is aware of the stoppage in play.  As coaches we try to make sure we are facing Norah when talking and the team not only has verbal plays but also visible signals to accommodate her (it is also beneficial for everyone especially in loud hostile gyms).


"Norah is a pleasure to have on our team", says Head Coach Crystal Flint.  She has a real fighting spirit and has such a willingness to get better each and every practice as well as game.  Her ability to take correction and immediately apply the correction is a true gift.  She is going to be an asset to the program at Gallaudet this summer as well as CDH girls basketball program for the next few years.  We are extremely happy for Norah.  We have a scientist among us!