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Fitness Center

Winter Raider Edge

Winter Raider Edge Strength & Conditioning is offered on the days students have class at 3pm.  We also offer an 8am training time on Students help Wednesdays. Winter Raider Edge is free.  All CDH students are welcome. 

Raider Edge

Raiders Edge is our high performance training group helping CDH athletes to achieve individual and team goals. Each workout is a total body training experience designed to help student-athletes become stronger, faster, and an overall better athlete. Raiders Edge is directed by our outstanding training team and will push students to become the best version of themselves. Have your student-athlete check us out. The results will speak for itself. 

Nutrition- Fueling For Performance

The Patrick Daulton Family Fitness Center

The Cretin-Derham Hall Fitness Center is one of the most versatile and state-of-the art facilities of its kind in the Midwest. The 10,000 square-foot training area has a variety of equipment to meet the needs of Cretin- Derham Hall students. Whether you want free weights, cable machines, a variety of cardio machine options, or space to work on plyometrics and running, the Fitness Center can deliver.

For more information, please email Jerry Macken at or call the Fitness Center at 651-696-3348.