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Meet Information 2021

Friday, August 27, 2021
St. Paul Central Invitational at Lake Elmo Park Reserve

Location | Directions

Meet at the university's tennis courts off Fairview Avenue by 3:30.
Race Times:
Girls A: 9:30 AM (20 girls per team)
Boys A: 10:15 AM (20 boys per team)
Girls B: 10:45 AM
Boys B: 11:15 AM
Distance: 5K
Course: Starting at the Nordic Center in Lake Elmo Park. Course will be hilly and wooded on grass, dirt, and some gravel.

thursday, September 2, 2021
Quadrangular with hastings, East Ridge, and Park at Cottage grove Middle School

Location | Directions

Bus: 3:00 PM
Race Times:
Girls: 4:30 PM
Boys: 5:00 PM
Distance: 5K
Course: This is a two loop course with one hill at the end of the first loop. The majority of the race is run around athletic fields and along park land. This is a fairly flat course with an uphill finish.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Dewey Minnaert Invitational at St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park, Hastings

Bus: 2:30 PM
Race Times:
JV Girls: 4:00 PM (Unlimited)
Varsity Girls: 4:35 PM (up to 10)
Varsity Boys: 5:10 PM (up to 10)
JV Boys: 5:45 PM (Unlimited)
Distance: 5K Map
Course: One loop course which narrows pretty quickly to cross a park road. There are nice flat stretches in this course as well as some challenging hills in the middle. The finish is mostly down hill and flat as you approach the play ground muster your strength and pass as many other racers as you can. There is not much left of the course at this point.
Note: There is a $7 park fee unless you have a year pass. There are opportunities to see the race at the start, middle and end with little effort.

Thursday, September 16, 2021
Delasalle Invitational at Bassett Creek Park Disc Golf Course (Crystal, MN)

Location | Directions
Bus: 2:30 PM
Race Times:
JV Girls: 4:00 PM
JV Boys: 4:30 PM
Varsity Girls: 5:00 PM
Varsity Boys: 5:30 PM
Distance: 5K (Varsity and JV)
Competition: DeLaSalle and others
Course: New meet for us this season (2021)

Friday, September 24, 2019
Roy Griak Invitational at the Les Bolstad Golf Course, University of MN

Bus: 2:00 PM
Race Times:
Maroon Boys: 5:55 PM
Maroon Girls: 6:00 PM
Distance: 5K (Varsity and JV) Map
Competition: Many teams from around the Minnesota and the Midwest, including Iowa, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas.
Course: This is a single loop course run over a golf course. There are long climbs, rolling hills, and long straight aways. There is one winding section between 3K and 4K. There is generally enough room on the course to pass, even with the large field of racers. If it is wet staying to the outside on turns that are hills may have benefits in traction. The last 300m to the finish is down hill. 

Saturday, September 25, 2021
Mustang Invitational at Chippewa Middle School, Shoreview, MN


Bus: 2:10 PM
Race Times:
Gold Boys: 11:00 AM
Gold Girls: 11:30 AM
Green Boys: 12:00 AM
Green Girls: 12:30 AM
Distance: 5K (Varsity and JV) Map - updated 9/27/18
Competition: Many teams from around the Minnesota and the Midwest, including Iowa, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas.
Course: This course is a new course this year. It is loopy, but mostly flat. 

Saturday, October 9, 2021
Simley Invitational at Simley High School

Location | Directions
Bus: 8:30 AM
Race Times:
10:00 AM Start time
Distance: 5K (Varsity and JV)
Competition: Simley High School
Course: This is a new course for us in 2021.


Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Suburban East Conference Championships at Tanners Brook Golf Course

Bus: 1:40 PM
Race Times:
Varsity Boys: 3:30 PM
Varsity Girls: 4:00 PM
JV Boys: 4:30 PM
JV Girls: 5:00 PM
Distance: 5K (Varsity and JV) Map
Competition: Cretin-Derham Hall, East Ridge, Forest Lake, Irondale, Mounds View, Park Cottage Grove, Roseville, Stillwater, White Bear Lake, Woodbury
Course: There will be one area where the start and the course cross  at 500m to go in the race. If there are runners on the course during the start of the next race the starting runners will have priority at the intersection.
There are  no notable hills on this course as it is mostly flat. There are a couple of instances where runners will be running across a hill. This is a single loop course. There is a single white line running the length of the course with cones and flags placed though out. Red flags mean left turn. Yellow flags mean right turn. Blue flags mean continue ahead.
Awards: Top teams receive a trophy/plaque, top 20 runners are All-Conference, runners 21 - 30 are Honorable Mention, and JV 1 -10 will be awarded ribbons.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Section 4AAA Championships at Highland Golf Course Executive 9 hole

Location | Directions
Bus: 1:50 PM
Race Times:
Varsity Boys: 3:15 PM
Varsity Girls: 3:45 PM
JV Boys: 4:15 PM
JV Girls: 4:45 PM
Distance: 5K (Varsity and JV) Map
Competition: Cretin-Derham Hall, Roseville, Stillwater, White Bear Lake, Woodbury,  North, Tartan, Mahtomedi, Hill Murray
Course: This is a two loop course across a hilly golf course. The start is uphill and the finish is downhill. 
Awards: Top teams two teams advance to the State Meet. Top 8 individuals, not on either of the two advancing teams advance to the State Meet.

Saturday, November 6, 2021
State Meet at St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

Bus: n/a - leave from CDH by 8:50 AM
Race Times:
AAA Girls: TBA
Awards to follow the last race. Top 20 finishers are All-State.
Distance: 5K map
Course: Rolling course through grassy fields and around two ponds.  With just over 800m to go there is a steady climb then a steady decent to the last climb just before the 150m flat finish.
General Information from the High School League(boys' and girls' info is the same): TBA